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Shinetex apparel skilled tailors to make sportswear and jackets: VSEZ development commissioner Reddy

A long-awaitedinteractive session between VSEZ, Development Commissioner, Mr. A. R. M. ReddyIFS and Dr Arja Sreekanth, IRTS, the MD &CEO of AP State Skill DevelopmentCorporation took place a productive meet at the Administrative Building ofVisakhapatnam Special Economic Zone, Duvvada, Visakhapatnam on 11th October2019.   A number of senior officials fromboth the organisations, including the important heads of Units located in VSEZ,facing issues with procuring skilled man power and with regard to up-gradationof their skills were present in the interactive session.  Mr Kiran JDC welcomed the officials, who werelater introduced to the concept of SEZs and the achievements of VSEZ in thelast4 years by Reddy.   Dr Arja Srikant,MDAPSSDC Cum Spl Secretary to Govt of AP, later briefed the gathering presentthere with the ways and means of partnering with the VSEZ and discussedregarding providing awareness to all kinds of sectoral units present in theSEZ’s to meet with the shortage of skilled manpower in the SEZ units and bridgegap by arranging necessary skill up-gradations. 


Later, speaking to themedia, Development Commissioner, said that, VSEZ has topped in exports duringthe first half year of FY 2019-20 among all the Zones in the country securing34% more compared to similar period last year. The exports were to the tune of Rs 46341 Cr, with employment generationof 364565 man power and investments to the tune of Rs 56180 Cr in the firsthalf year. Addressing the officials of Skill Development Mr Reddy said thatVSEZ has approved 56 new units in the last 7 months which is expected togenerate employment to the tune of 32481 numbers it is where the Corporationcan play a constructive role in the matter by facilitating training andproviding skilled labour to the Units. According to him, many of the units such as IT, Apparel making arefacing shortage of quality manpower to work in their organisations particularlyin Visakhapatnam.  One such unit locatedat VSEZ namely Shinetex apparel private limited has expressed serious concernin securing skilled tailors to make Laminated Fabric, seat covers, orthopaedicbelts, sportswear and jackets for exporting to USA and Canada.  Their work is badly hampered due to paucityof skilled manpower says Reddy.  Heexpressed hope that, after intervention of APSSDC, probably the units would beable to resolve their issue to a great extent. It is also hoped that such trainings will be held in future, and ifrequired an institute will be opened inside the zone with the financialassistance of the Corporation, whenever such shortage is sensed.


Dev Commissioner,appreciated the efforts of APSSDC and is keen to conduct many such trainingprogrammes to cater to the recruitment needs of 69 units operational at VSEZwith their technical collaboration as VSEZ alone provides employment to 3901employees directly and indirect employment could be 2.8 to 3 times of this, andis the first of its kind effort for skill development, and up-gradation ofemployees, says Reddy. While addressing the gathering, the MD&CEO MrSrikant of APSSDC extended full support to industries in providing skilledcandidates who could be re-trained as per industry needs and absorbed asapprentices and then to the company payrolls if found suitable, or else theywill be reverted back to the Corporation, who will be provided with acertificate of Skill upgradation by APSSDC and will be further sent to otherprospecting companies in the state.  ED,APSSDC, Mr Naik, also spoke on the occasion and Ms Satya CGM thanked theofficials.  Prathamesh IRS, DDC Phani,ADCs,Priyanka CAO and other officials were present on the session.

Monday, November 11, 2019 11/11/2019 11:44:21 AM
VSEZ, Shinetex,
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Shinetex apparel skilled tailors to make sportswear and jackets: VSEZ development commissioner Reddy
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